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My heart 😭 R.I.P Chester. We miss you always and forever!!!! 



In life we lie to protect others. For years I have been doing that as well. 

I am a person who is depressed. I’ve even been diagnosed with depression. My therapist wanted to put me on pills but I didn’t want to take them. Addiction runs in my family and I didn’t want to fall into that as well. Some days I have good days and bad ones. But the truth is that I bottle it up because I don’t want my family to think they are the problem. They aren’t; if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here. They are the ones who keep me sane in this dark world. 

There’s a part inside of me that is not wired correctly. I have all of these thoughts of darkness, of dying and what it would be like to leave this place. But then I think about the people around me and how it would affect them. I live my life as best as I can with my sadness, my panic, my anxiety and my deep dark depression that creeps up and threatens to take over. 

I don’t want to burden people who don’t understand the struggle I go through to just want to live everyday. I dont want them to see the sadness that plagues my every thought or how lonely I can feel even if I’m surrounded. This blog is the best outlet that I can find. 

And sometimes in a world so big what else do we have?